There are two different printers to choose from when you print in your AppEazy Session; the Default Printer and Choose Printer. Selecting Default Printer will send the print job to your local machine's default printer. Selecting Choose Printer will send the print job to your local machine, but allow you to print to any printer which is installed on your local machine.

If you are having issues with printing to a USB/Parallel/Serial label/thermal printer, it may be because some label and thermal printers require a special set of instructions to communicate properly with the software you are using. In this scenario the default Applianz Printing Engine may not work. USB/Parallel/Serial label/thermal printers should be added by sharing with the AppEazy Client the serial ports or printers of your machine. To do so open 

1. Start

2. Programs
3. Applianz
4. Advanced Configuration
5. Enable Connect serial/parralel ports

6. Enable Connect printers.
You will also need to install the respective printer drivers in the Server Session or in the Template Session.

Please let Applianz Support know if you have any issues or difficulties