File Server Session
The Server Session should be used for storing application data that is needed by client workstations. If your application has server specific software, it should be installed in this session. Application data and server software should be put on the N: Drive, labeled AppData, unless otherwise directed. Files placed in this directory will be accessible to the Template and User Sessions.

Workstation Template Session
Application software should be installed on this session. Any changes made to this session will be seen by all users connecting to the user sessions. Changes made to this session will not take effect in the user sessions until they are applied using the Web Admin site. If changes are made to this session that you do not wish to save, you can discard the changes using the Web Admin site. Changes made to the workstation template will also be applied during the nightly maintenance of the system.

User Session
The User Session is the session that the end-user will connect to. There is no need to install any software in this session, as it is a clone of the Workstation Template session. When the user logs out of this session, anything not saved to the AppData drive is discarded. Once a user disconnects from a user session, another session is booted up to take its place.