The MS14-066 Update must be installed on the File Server as well as the Workstation Template. Please be advised that this should be done at a time that will not affect employees production; as it will require the two sessions to restart. 

The MS14-066 Update may be installed in one of two ways:

  1. is a jump-page that allows users to download the update for their specific version of the Windows operation system. You may find what version of Windows you have installed on your server by right clicking on Computer on the desktop, and then selecting properties. Download the specific version and then install it on both the File Server and the Workstation Template.
  2. Users may also wish to update via the Windows Control Panel, then Windows Update. The Update Wizard allows you to select which specific updates you wish to install. We recommend users only install the MS14-066 update, but users may install all Windows updates if they prefer. 

As a reminder; Applianz Technologies is not responsible for updating or maintaining any Microsoft Operating Systems, third party software, or applications that have been installed. Some Windows Updates have been shown to cause compatibility issues with software and applications. If you are unsure, or have any questions about compatibility, please contact your IT Department, Adviser, Software Vendor, or Software Reseller.