Printing is hard, difficult, and downright infuriating. That's why we developed the EazyApp Printer. What we have done is made a virtual printer that allows you to easily and print from your virtual environment to your local PC. The EazyApp Printer also converts print jobs to PDF and allows you to transfer them to your local environment to save or email as well!

Using the EazyApp Printer

Print a document like you normally would. From the list of printers, choose the EazyApp Printer from the list of options.

When you select the printer a dialog box comes up on your local computer's screen presenting options with what you would like to do with the print job.

Choose one of the print options in the dialog box.

  • Default Printer 

    • Sends the print job on through to whatever your locally default printer is.

  • Choose Printer

    • A dialog showing ALL of your printers comes up and you can print to any of your locally installed printers
  • Save As

    • Saves the print job as a PDF and you can choose where to save the PDF on your local computer

  • Send Email

    • Saves the print job as a PDF and automatically composes an email with your default email client while attaching the PDF automatically.