After receiving the replacement hard drive from Applianz Support, you will need to coordinate a time where the system will be down and inaccessible for a period of about 30 minutes. Once a time has been decided upon, please continue to the steps below.

Required Items

  • Failing Hard Drive Serial Number
  • The failing hard drive serial is found in the initial hard drive replacement email sent to you by Applianz Support.

  • Replacement Hard Drive
  • Phillips Head Screw Driver or Power Drill on lowest torque setting

  1. Power down the Appeazy System

    Using the LCD and control buttons on the front of the system, hit the down area until Shutdown is shown on the LCD. Hit the green checkmark to confirm the option, and then again to confirm on Are you sure? Once the LCD turns off, then you will know that the AppEazy System is fully powered down.

  2. Unplugging the AppEazy System

    Once the system is fully powered down, uplug the power cable from the back of the system, as well as the ethernet cable. Move the AppEazy System to an area that has enough room for you to work comfortably.

  3. Removing the Top

    On the top of the AppEazy System is a metal cover held together with 2 screws. Please unscrew these two screws, and remove the cover

  4. Identifying the Hard Drives

    You will now see the components of the AppEazy System. Among the components, are the 4 hard drives for the system. Look at the Serial Numbers on the hard drives to identify if any of the top hard drives' serials match the serial sent to you in the Replacement Hard Drive email. If so, please proceed to step ***, otherwise, proceed below.

  5. Removing the Drive Chassis

    In order to check the serial numbers on the lower hard drives, we will need to remove the drive chassis. This can be done by flipping the AppEazy System on its side, and then removing the 4 screws holding the drive chassis in place. Please keep keep one hand on the hard drive chassis during this process to ensure that the drive does not fall down.

    When the first chassis is removed, unscrew the hard drives from chassis, and then check the serial number on the lower hard drive. If the serial number does not match the one that needs replaced, please proceed onto the second hard drive chassis.

  6. Replacing the Hard Drive

    With the failing hard drive correctly identified, please unplug the cables and replace the hard drive with the replacement hard drive sent to you by Applianz Support.

  7. Putting Everything Back Together

    With the hard drive replaced, please screw the hard drives back into the hard drive chassis, screw the hard drive chassis back into the case, and finally screw the cover back onto the case. With everything hooked back up, please move the system back to its location, and plug the ethernet cable back in, as well as the power cable. The system should boot back up automatically. Should it not, please press on the rocker switch located on the back of the system, opposite side of the power cable.

  8. Let Us Know!

    With the system powered back on, please let Applianz Support know that the hard drive has been replaced and is booting back up. We will confirm that the system has booted, and then ensure that the system successfully migrates the replacement hard drive into the array.