Installing AppEazy Connect on Windows

If you haven't downloaded the installer yet, please do so before continuing. Instructions are provided here

A video is provided below on how to download, install, and print within AppEazy.

Getting Started with AppEazy from Applianz Technologies on Vimeo.

 Installing AppEazy Connect
  1. Following the launch of the installer from your web browser, you will be asked to read and agree to our Terms & Conditions for using AppEazy Connect Software. Please read the License Agreement and place a  check mark in I accept box, then click Next to continue.

  2. After you agree to the Terms & Conditions, you will be asked where you would like to install the AppEazy Connect Software. Most customers will find the default path suitable for their machines.

  3. The installation is now complete! Please click Next to launch the AppEazy Connect Software.

  4. AppEazy Connect is now installed and you will now need to Add a Product Key. To Add a Product Key, navigate to your Start Menu, click Programs, and navigate to Applianz. Select Add a Product Key from the options shown. The Add a Product Key dialog box will now launch, and will ask for your credentials to login to your system. Please input the product key, username, and password provided in your Getting Started email or System Info sheet.

  5. After the correct information is inputted, a prompt will popup asking what you would like to name your shortcut, and where you would like to place it. These are purely up to personal preference, but most users will find the default suitable.

  6. After pressing OK, you will automatically launch a connection to your session! Once in a session, you may be asked to input your software login information. This is a different username and password and is provided by your Software Reseller or Provider.

Please let Applianz Support know if you have any issues or difficulties installing the AppEazy Connect Software, and we will be happy to assist!