1. The first step is to connect to the workstation template session.

2. Open the Template Configuration program. This can be found either on the desktop or under Start->Programs->Applianz->Template Configuration on Windows XP or Windows 7. In Server 2012, you click the Window (

), then Search, and type in 'template configuration' it should come up in the list when you get near the end of the word template.

3. The box that comes up will look similar this (note: your 'When User Connects Launch' section might appear different depending on what is configured for your system. The section we are interested in here is the lower section labeled 'Menu'):

4. Select 'Configure Menu', and the following will appear:

If you have programs you want your users to have access to from the Applianz menu, drag the icons into here and click 'Save'.

5. Ensure you select 'Applianz Menu'

6. You can test the menu if you wish by clicking Launch menu. This will let you see what the menu will look like to your users.

7. When you are finished configuring the menu, click Save Only to save the configuration and exit the Template configuration dialog.

8. Now you can either go to the web admin of the AppEazy system and apply the template at your convenience (this will disconnect all users immediately if any are logged in), or you can wait and the template will be applied after the maintenance cycle at night.