The AppEazy System has two different styles of user-sessions; Full Windows Desktop experience and a more limited desktop, titled the AppEazy Desktop. 

Full Windows Desktop Experience

The user-sessions are already configured for Full Windows Desktop experience and do not require any further adjustment. Should your system be configured in AppEazy Desktop and you would like to change it to Windows Desktop, follow the steps below:


  1. Connect to the Workstation Template Session
  2. Open the shortcut on the Windows Desktop titled Template Configuration.

  3. The Template Configuration window will now be open on your screen.
  4. Open the dropdown in the bottom-left corner of the screen next to Menu.
  5. Select Windows Start Menu

  6. If you would like to push the changes out to the user-sessions, Click on Save and Apply
  7. Otherwise, Click Save Only. The Workstation Template will automatically be applied at night when the system goes into maintenance.