The addition and management of users on the EazyApp system may be done through EazyApp's WebAdmin portal. To access the webadmin portal, https://webadmin.{Your company name}

If you don't know what your company name is, look at your username. For example, using the username, your company name is wayneenterprises which makes your EazyApp system's URL


Once you are logged into WebAdmin, you may add users using the Users page.

To add a user, click the Add User button and fill out the user information.

Full Name:The user's real name.
Ex: Bruce Wayne
Username:The username to be used for logging into the system.
Note: your system URL will automatically be appended at the end. No need to add it here.
Just enter bwayne for example.
Email:Enter the user's email. This is where the login information and setup instructions will be sent to. We recommend using the user's email and not the administrator's email here.
Admin:    If you wish to identify the user as an administrator on the system tick this box. If you are unsure of whether or not to list the user as an administrator, please do not tick this box.

Administrators can make administrative decisions on the system such as restoring from a backup, taking the system offline, add/remove users, and access the Remote Desktops (not just run RemoteApps).

Once you click Add User an email will be dispatched to the user with temporary credentials and instructions for completing the setup. 

If you or the user have any questions or issues, please let us know!