EazyApp Zero Client Administrator's Guide

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The EazyApp Zero Client Device Administrators guide provides administrators the necessary information to configure and deploy EazyApp Zero Devices. This guide provides steps for setting up your device, adding a connection feed, and managing your device. We have thoroughly tested your device in an attempt to anticipate every potential issue – however, if we could see the future, we would have been buying lottery tickets instead of writing code. Because we do not possess magical powers, please contact our support team for assistance.

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Quick Start Guide

The EazyApp Zero Client Device can be quickly configured so you and your end-users can get connected and into a productive state immediately.

  1. Plug in power supply, network cable, and all peripherals into the EazyApp Zero Client Device.
  2. Boot the device up
  3. Configure network on the device
    • System Settings -> IP Configuration
  4. Configure a RemoteApp feed in the EazyApp Client
    • Add Feed
  5. Enter user credentials
  6. Launch an application

About EazyApp Zero Clients

The EazyApp Zero Client is a device developed to further lessen the burden of you, the IT Administrator. EazyApp itself is a product developed to provide enterprise-level technologies to any and all businesses while also reducing the burden of maintaining a fleet of IT administrators or experts. EazyApp works for those with little to no IT support team as well as for IT administrators looking to lessen their workload so they can focus their attention on items that deserve their attention.

To further reduce the support and technological needs of your business we developed the EazyApp Zero Client. This zero client device affords you the ability to provide your end-users with a complete desktop replacement that is secure, easy to manage, and most importantly easy to support. We have removed all complexities of a full Windows/Mac desktop and have provided you with a device that connects to your EazyApp platform environment so your end-users can only run the approved apps running in the EazyApp platform environment. Nothing will be running locally on this device other than the EazyApp Connect software. All your apps, data, documents, and cat pictures are on the EazyApp platform and remain in the EazyApp platform environment.

Physically Setup of EazyApp Zero Client Device

As the device is in beta we currently have a hodgepodge of different hardware being provided to you and other beta testers. Plug the power adapter into the device, plug a monitor into the device, provide a network cable (with network connectivity!), plug in a mouse and keyboard, and power it on. We wished we could make it easier than that, and we do have a few ideas for the future, but for now, those are the steps we cannot control and rely on you to do.

  1. Identify the power supply for the device and plug it into the wall
  2. Plug a USB keyboard and Mouse into the EazyApp Zero Client device
  3. Plug in your network cable into one of the ethernet ports on the device.
  4. Plug your monitor into the device using either of the available options (HDMI, Displayport, or VGA).
  5. Finally, power on the device. You should see a blue light come on the device letting you know things are coming alive. Pretty soon a boot screen should show up on your monitor and then finally, the EazyApp Connect Client automatically configured to start up on your device.

Configuring your EazyApp Zero Client Software

The EazyApp Zero Client should seem familiar to you as it is the same exact EazyApp Connect software that runs on full Windows desktops and workstations. We have added a couple of options in order for this device to function on your network as well as so your end-users may use the device.

Configure Network

The EazyApp Zero Client currently only supports a wired ethernet connection. The device itself supports DHCP should your local environment support DHCP network capabilities. If it does not, a static IP will need to be configured manually. To set up a static IP follow the instructions below.

  1. Select System Settings from the left nav menu of the EazyApp Connect Client
  2. Expand IP Configuration by clicking the down arrow on the right side of the EazyApp Connect Client
  3. Enter your static IP configuration in each option then click save
  4. The IP information on the device has been updated and should now be ready to connect to the internet and add a connection feed!

Adding a RemoteApp Feed

In order for you or your end-users to actually use this device for productivity, you will need to configure the EazyApp Connect feed on the device. Click the blue plus sign (+) in the top-right corner of the EazyApp Client or Select Add Feed on the left nav.

  1. To configure a feed enter the credentials of the user who will be using this device.
  2. Click Submit and a feed will automatically be configured for you
  3. The client will refresh and you should see all the applications that are configured for the end-user to use on the device.
  4. Double-click an app to launch it!

Printer Management

Adding a Printer

Printers. Why did it have to be printers? Fear not! We planned for this. Let’s just hope your printer was produced post-1995 and the drivers are readily available on the internet. If not, contact our support team. We will need to help in order to get your dot-matrix printers up and going. Speaking of which, how are you even connecting a dot-matrix to this? We haven’t released a Zero Client device that has a COM port.

To add any of the 99% of printers still in existence, plug the printer into the device and it should install automatically. If it doesn’t, or if you need to add a network printer, you may add a printer manually using the Print Management option underneath System Settings.

  1. Expand Print Management
  2. Select Add Printer
  3. Follow the onscreen prompts to add the printer. If the printer doesn’t show up, in the built-in Windows Add Printer wizard, select the option for The printer that I wasn’t isn’t listed

Note: Flash drives and other USB devices are blocked by default on the EazyApp Zero Client Device. If you wish to use a flash drive to load a driver onto the device you will need to contact our support team for assistance.

Managing Printers

The EazyApp Client displays which printers are functioning properly as well as identifying which printer is set as your default printer. To change which one of your local printers should act as the default printer, select the radio button next to the printer. This is an immediate save and update.

Troubleshooting and FAQ

The EazyApp Zero Device is automatically configured to log an underprivileged user into a zero client (aka thin client) environment. The only option in this environment is to use the EazyApp Client. Should the software not work as intended below are a couple of common problems and their solutions.

The EazyApp Zero client didn’t automatically log in and launch the EazyApp Connect Client.

Use the login screen and log in like you normally would to a Windows device. The credentials for your organization's EazyApp device 

are found in the credentials emailed to you or in the package containing the devices.

The EazyApp Connect Client closed and won’t reopen 

The EazyApp logo should still be present on the bottom center of the screen. Click that logo to relaunch the client. If the client still does not launch, please contact our support team.


Thank you for your interest in testing the EazyApp Zero Client during this beta testing phase. Without your everyday use and feedback of this product, we will not be able to improve the product in its necessary areas in order to ultimately better serve you!

With that being said, the EazyApp Zero Client is a product still in its infancy and testing phases. This means that we cannot guarantee that it will perform problem-free, worry-free, or headache-free. We can guarantee that our support technicians will be available to assist you when an issue arises. We cannot fix a problem we do not know about, so please let us know of any issues!

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