App Setup:

  1. Download the Microsoft Remote Desktop 10 Client from the App Store
  2. Once it's done installing, launch Microsoft Remote Desktop 10

RemoteApp Setup:

  1. Click the Plus (+)  icon and select Add Workspace
  2. Enter your Workspace address. The Workspace address is the url found after your username. For example using the username, the Workspace url would be everything after the @ symbol.
    • Example:
      URL or Email Address
      IMPORTANT! Never use your User Name as the Remote Resources address.
  3. Click Add    
  4. A user account window will appear. Click the dropdown next to User Account and select Add User Account
  5. Enter your user name and password you configured earlier. Provide a friendly name if desired
  6. Click Save then Next
  7. Your RemoteApps will be downloaded from the server and ready to launch!
  8. To launch an App, select the Apps option in the top-middle of the window
  9. Double-click one of your apps to launch it!