If you are hosting your system yourself, then your firewall and/or router will need to be configured to allow connections to the AppEazy System. You will need to forward TCP ports 30000-30060 to the AppEazy System in your firewall and/or router. 

Applianz Support recommends that your AppEazy System have a static internal IP Address for your local network, because if your DHCP server ever assigns a different IP Address to the AppEazy System, then remote access ability may be lost. It is important that the static IP address you use is outside of the DHCP range that your router assigns, and the static IP Address that you choose is not currently in use.

For example, if your router assigns DHCP addresses starting at, then you will want to choose an IP address below Then, you can open Command Prompt (Start->Run->cmd) on your computer and use ping to determine if an IP Address is already in use.

For example, to determine if is already in use by another computer type "ping" at the command prompt. If the address is in use then ping will return the time it took for the system to respond, otherwise the ping will time out.