1. Connect to your system’s WebAdmin site.
  2. Example: https://mycompany.appeazy.com:30010
    If you do not know the URL for your WebAdmin site, please locate it on your Getting Started email, or contact Applianz Support
  3. Click USERS MANAGEMENT in the center of the page.
  4. At the User Management page, click the Add New User button located at the bottom-center of the page.
  5. Enter a Name and Username for the user connecting to the AppEazy System. This username is unique to AppEazy and will not be reflected in any applications inside your session. To automatically generate a password, leave the password field blank.
  6. The Administrator checkbox controls whether the user is recognized as an Administrator within the AppEazy System. Administrators are able to login to the WebAdmin to perform actions such as rebooting the AppEazy System, management of users, or see users logged into the system. Applianz Support also recognizes these users as authorized to make administrative decisions on the system such as backup restores and user management. If you are unsure about whether or not to make a user an Administrator, leave the box unchecked.
    The Application Access Rights selects which AppEazy Sessions the user will have access to. Generally, only administrators should have access to the File Server and the Workstation Template. Select all AppEazy Sessions which you wish to grant the user access to.
    The Email Usage Statistics field allows a user to receive notifications on when another user logs on and off the AppEazy System. If you wish to receive notifications of user logins, or wish to have another person receive these notifications, enter a valid email address in this field. If you are unsure on using this feature, leave this field blank.
    The Expires field allows you to set an expiration for a particular user. If a person should only be given access to the system for a specific period of time, uncheck the Never box, and select the date upon which this users ability to log in to the system will expire.
  7. With all of the fields are filled out, click the ADD button to add the user to the AppEazy System. The user will receive an email containing all necessary credentials for logging into the system, including Username, Password, and Product Keys for their sessions.

Please let Applianz Support know if you have any issues or difficulties adding users to your AppEazy System, and we will be happy to assist!